Being This Person

A look into the human condition and how we are more similar than we are different.


Original artwork by Farley Craig.  Meet him in episode 18.

Original artwork by Farley Craig.  Meet him in episode 18.

Hey Folks, Tyler, from Being This Person here.

Many guests and listeners have asked me if I have asked the questions of mySelf, or had someone else do it.  The answer is, yes. I have, as long as I can remember, asked these questions of myself, and I hope to do so for years.  Listen as My answers change.

Born in 1973, in Denver, Colorado USA, from parents Melvin and DeAn/AKA Alexis, I was a product of the American experience at the time.  I had parents that divorced, but both remained very supportive of my “artistic” pursuits.
As the normal kid of a divorced family, I moved a lot, so I got to rebuild mySelf many times as a youth.  This helped me “try on” a number of different people, which eventually became the amalgam that I am. All of those youthful characters became who I am somehow.
I did some theater, some music (a lot), and a bunch of other things as I went along the way.  All the while I was growing my person, and asking questions. I asked these questions of mySelf, as well as others.  I started seeing the beginnings of this podcast around age 13-14. I was always fascinated by who people are and why, but it took years to figure that out.  At this point it was just the journey of finding some Me to learn the questions I wanted to ask.
Fast forward about 5 years, and I ended up on the road with 150 people from 13 countries, and we all stayed with host families in each city for no more than 4 days.  That was awesome, ended in an uncomfortable way, but taught me more about my interest in what it is to be a person. I started seeing that everyone had a story, and they all seemed to matter.
Enter my 20’s and coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest during the grunge and industrial era, college, late night talks, film, psychology, art, science, and literature... you know college stuff.  
Enter my son when I’m 25.  Life changes, dramatically for most at this point.  I am no exception. I cleaned up my life and by age 28 had full custody of my son and a new lease on life.
My 30’s were pretty boring, if you consider being a single parent boring.  Luckily, not much tragic happened, and I continued growing, but this is when I started finding podcasts. (Yup, they have been around this long)  I started with a few that are still alive and a few that are not, but the love affair was afoot. I am also coming into my own as an artist around this time.  Having long set music on a side burner, I had turned to recycled art and the written word. Both of these things I will continue to grow and pursue, but I had not found the outlet, that I needed, to share my look into humanity.
Along comes my kid’s move into college.  Suddenly I have a ton of available time, an artistic project that had been costing me money, and my podcast love had grown so deeply that I was listening to them nearly everyday.  This was helped by the increase in ease and user function. So I started one, not this one. It is still alive, well, and has become something much larger than it was when I thought of it.  (Ruined Heroes If ya wanna. It is VERY different). Either way, this was still not quite the vision I had… so many years ago, but it afforded me a way to see the outlet for what it is. The thing I love most about podcasts, ANYONE can make one.  You can do whatever you want in a very “stream of consciousness way” .
It also taught me a ton about how to do it effectively, get at least reasonable sound, organize thoughts, and not care too much about reviews.  Hence I birthed Being This Person.
And that brings us up to date.  I found an avenue that worked with, and for, what I wanted it to.  I spent a month working out the first set of questions, and one well fitted evening I recorded one.  It went swimmingly, and I was off. The rest you can listen to. Thank you for doing so.